SIADE manages records generated by ADC Systems, integrating geospatial data (population census, geolocation of clients, pollution, gas consumption, etc.). Using millions of records (spatial Big Data), SIADE creates Origin-Destination matrices, joining the information with GIS data and inferring mobility patterns of transportation network users. SIADE provides mobility patterns (discriminated by user type), pollution and social analysis, evaluating the global efficiency of the transportation network.


SIADE provides multiple levels of information to optimize transportation networks.

Mobility patterns

Random Name

User's destinations and route occupancy

Service Improvement

Random Name

Equity of public transportation planning, improves stop distribution and real use of the network


Random Name

Pollution evaluation, over-service reduction and analysis of sustainable alternatives.


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Increase the number of users and reduction of overservice


Frequent destinations

Frequent destinations

Evaluation of the most requested destinations and how they change over time (weekends, peak hours, special events, etc.)

servicio social

Social service of routes

Evaluation of the route service considering different social variables (in the image, darker areas show where elder people live.


Route Occupancy

Evaluation of boarding/alighting users of any route per bus stop, offering a quick view of the utility of the service for the population.


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